In 2018, Lowe's Home Improvement wanted to do something ambitious: change the lives of 3 million people through a powerful tradeskill program. Of course, Lowe's couldn't do it alone. So industry, nonprofit and government leaders united behind our movement, Generation T, to help promote one of the fastest growing industries - the skilled trades.

Despite high growth and steady pay, the demand for skilled trades is far outpacing the supply of workers. For 40 years the skilled trades have been miscast. Technical schools have been closing and they're often seen as a default. Pop culture has played its part, glorifying technology and finance jobs, while unintentionally belittling the jobs that helped build our homes. So we started to think...

  • What if we could help solve a societal issue for the 32 million working adults who don't feel like they have long-term career options?
  • Whate if we help usher in an era where craft meets tech?
  • What if we helped rebuild the middle class?

And with that, Generation T was born. Together we can change the perception of the trades and the way people perceive their career options. We can give people confidence to pursue a career that's meaningful, creative, flexible and provides mastery with ample opportunities for growth. The building trades will increasingly shape the places we live and love, and we want to bring back the trades to encourage today and tomorrow's workforce. Will you join us?

Economy Infographic Download
Economy Infographic Download